Plastic Beach Party


Plastic Beach Party is a full plastic recycling service in Aruba. For a small fee we collect, sort, shred plastic. We then use this material for locally designed and locally made recycled plastic products for Aruba!

Products that displace virgin plastic, that reduce waste and create jobs. Since starting in 2017 plastic beach party has recycled more than 10.000 kg of plastic you can imagine that as 666,666 bottles of coke!

We started out as the result of an open design thinking workshop led by Lewis Just, to imagine and prototype how we could actually recycle plastic in Aruba. Since then we crowd-funded and built the Precious Plastic machines, started recycling, and have a variety of clients from hotels to households.

The Project

Plastic Beach Upgrade!

Real talk: COVID has hit us hard, as a not for profit we were not given access to ‘loonsubsidie’, and as a result, have survived in part by burning through our savings, through the funds that usually go into machine up-keep and R&D, to keep as much of our staff as possible and cover rent and utilities.

This has made it hard to invest in maintenance and our machines are showing it. To keep up our production and processing capacity they need some tender love and care.

What this involves is simple things but the costs add up: new sheets of steel and heating blocks for our press. A new non-stick coating for the brick press. Replacement blades and grate for our shredder, that shred so hard it blew a hole through the grate. A new blade and belt for our planer. Compression screws for our extruders to extruder more plastic faster. And lastly new filters for the air filter and ceiling fan to facilitate distance working and improve ventilation in the space.

The Goal

Our goal is to raise 5000 florin to build back better, faster, stronger. To recycle more! Our service encourages people to not only recycle their waste but reduce their plastic use by keeping track of it.

With these tools, we make things like: outdoor furniture, trashcans, and plant pots, how fast we can make these things define the cost, by making them faster we hope to reduce the cost of our products allowing us to compete with imported products.

Our products are not only made with 100% locally recycled plastic, they are also designed to be re-recyclable, and powered by solar energy to be circular and good for Aruba. Your support will help us continue to provide plastic recycling in Aruba. It will not only help us reduce waste but also create new jobs and opportunities.