Arubaactiva is a website/crowdfunding platform that is wholly owned and operated by the Aruba Futura Foundation. The platform’s purpose is to offer interested parties the opportunity of donating funds to provide financial assistance to an individual or a team with an existing or new project that are registered at arubaactiva for funds and with maintaining arubaactiva. The collection and distribution of funds takes place via Aruba Futura Foundation.

The donations will be used to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs that apply through arubaactiva for funds. The donations may be also used to maintain arubaactiva operational in the future (we will update this FAQ when that becomes the case).

Application for financial assistance is open to individuals or teams of five (5) that have an existing or a new project. The individual or team member must be in possession of the Dutch nationality or must be in possession of a valid residency permit. Other applicable requirements can be found in the arubaactiva funding requirements (link).

All donations will be divided equally between all registered projects and in accordance with the rules that are found in the Terms & Conditions (link).

The maximum amount of financial assistance that can be given is an amount of five thousand Aruban florins (Afl. 5.000,00) per project. Any individual or team can have 1 project listed at any given time.

Futura will report and review all transfers of donations to ensure that the donations are used in accordance with the goal of arubaactiva. A summary of how the funds were used/distributed will be posted on this website.

Donations can be made through the platform on arubaactiva by submitting the necessary information that will be asked on the corresponding page on arubaactiva or by making a direct transfer to Futura’s corresponding bank account with a description of “arubaactiva”.

Arubaactiva will be online for an indefinite time.