Aruba Activa

Aruba Activa is a collective entrepreneurs funding platform initiated by Aruba Futura Foundation to help local Aruban entrepreneurs (startups) succeed, by facilitating the crowdfunding of small scale financial support for these entrepreneurs when it is needed most.

Starting a new business can be exciting, but new business ventures are often burdened by unexpected expenses. Without proper guidance or financial assistance, many new business startups have difficulty getting off the ground and succeeding. Together with our collaborating partners we hope to contribute to successfully launching various innovative ideas and businesses to support inclusive economic growth in Aruba.

Aruba Activa collaborates with the 100 Innovations and District297 platforms to connect local Aruban entrepreneurs with collaborators and mentors, and to help identify innovative ideas and business opportunities. Aruba Activa aims to help entrepreneurs bring those ideas and opportunities identified to life through crowdfunding.